The coronavirus pandemic came as a cautious killer killing many “cows” of people who lived very comfortable lives (cows = profitable business).

Later, everyone spoke of “reinventing themselves”, it is possible that this word has crossed your mind and taken many turns:

• What do I do with my business?
• What business do I invest in to deal with the coronavirus?
• I am unemployed. What do I do?

I must admit that also, the word “reinvent” went around in my mind, but I knew that the solution would be given to me by my coach.

After talking with my coach, the answer came: “baby steps”.

My first impression was of great confusion, only to tell me the following: when a baby begins to walk he does it slowly, step by step.

Steps of a Baby

Babies when they start to take their first steps do so by intuition, they don’t start to think and say:

I’m already 13 months old, I have to walk or they sit and they are thinking about how to walk or they don’t say mommy, look on YouTube how the babies walk babies.

This means, do not waste time thinking if the decision you will make is the right one, just do it.

For example, you want to start a business, but you are undecided, you still do not have the concept clear, but why not get your RUC, or reserve the company name in public records (baby pass).

After taking a baby step, there is more possibility that you continue thinking about your business and you will have new information, and you will continue taking more baby steps until you meet your goal. The important thing is to move forward.

But, don’t forget, when they start taking their first steps they are not drinking in a straight line, but rather, they are wobbling from one side to the other.

The same can happen with your business, your first baby steps may not guide you directly to your goal, you will have to adjust the direction, but always remember to move forward.

Finally, I share with you the last thing my coach told me:

The when and how are not our job, but the what and why.

They are a newbie in accounting, I like to write and especially to create stories in my mind.