If there were … Do not regret

How many times have you been wanting to do something and then have regretted not doing it?

Many times, it would be my answer.

Why is this happening?

The main factor is fear, but at the same time, it is an advantage to improve as people.

Everything will depend on the perspective that you see it.

Grab a pencil and paper, list 10 situations that you would have liked to do, but didn’t.

Now, questioner:

What should you do so that it doesn’t happen again?

If you work on it and manage to erase that bad habit, you will have improved as a person.

Always avoid seeing the negative side, do not think that you are a bad person, or that you are less than the rest.

To avoid that bitter feeling of regret, I want to share with you a list of situations to avoid:

1. Not being yourself

2. Let others decide for you

3. Have negative friendships

4. Be selfish

5. Be an expert, not learn

6. Abandon the ship when it is sinking

7. Cover a lot and get nothing

8. Be conformist, when you can get more

9. Procrastinate for another day

10. Many promises and little action

If you are going through some of these situations, do not feel bad, nobody is perfect, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to correct it.

Learn to accept the imperfect things we do, forgive yourself for practicing them, and correct them to be better people.

That’s all for today.

They are a newbie in accounting, I like to write and especially to create stories in my mind.