How difficult is it to make a decision?

Every day we are faced with many decisions that we must make, in some cases decisive in life.

For example: change jobs, move house, buy a car, study a specialization, get married, create a company, have a child, etc.

The problem with making a decision is that many times we do not know what to do, we become blocked, we become paralyzed, and in the end, we do not decide anything.

Tips for making a decision

I remember that every time I asked my coach about what decision to make when faced with a dilemma, he would tell me to think about the following:

What are you expecting as a result? What do you want to achieve with this action? What benefit will you get if you do this step?
Answering these questions will help you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and what decision you should make.

Learn to differentiate an opportunity among the thousands of decisions that you are going to make; take advantage of it and do not let it escape.
It is different, choosing between the color of the car you are going to buy, versus choosing a job in a transnational company.

Growth is out of the comfort zone. In the comfort zone, you get fat, but you don’t grow.
The riskiest decisions are often the ones that change the course of our life.

There is no perfect decision, therefore, there will be negative consequences. Know the bad of the decision you are going to make, and try to reduce it to nothing.

For example, the risk of changing jobs is that your former employer resents and does not give you a letter of recommendation.

Try to talk with your employer, reach an agreement, make him understand that your decision will make you grow as a person and as a professional.

Finally, a phrase that I always repeated to myself:

The perfect decision does not exist.

They are a newbie in accounting, I like to write and especially to create stories in my mind.